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The Shenandoah Valley Soil & Water Conservation District is preparing to update our four-year Strategic Plan and we are looking for your feedback to influence our work in the years ahead.  We have identified four key stakeholder groups that we are seeking feedback from.

We hope that you will consider providing candid and honest feedback to one of our brief surveys, which will be shared anonymously.  This is your opportunity to share your insights and help shape the Conservation District’s future programs, services and activities. We estimate that this survey will take 5 minutes or less to complete.

Please dig in and help us plant the seeds that we can nurture for years to come. Thank you for your time and be sure to complete the survey by March 31st. If you have any questions about the strategic planning effort, contact Megen Dalton at megen.dalton@svswcd.org.

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Election of Soil and Water Conservation District Directors

Notice of Filing Nominating Petitions, Declaration of Candidacy &

A Certificate of Candidate Qualification

An election of Directors for the Shenandoah Valley Soil & Water Conservation District will be held in the general election on November 7, 2023.  The District encompasses the City of Harrisonburg and the Counties of Rockingham and Page, which includes any incorporated towns therein.

Candidates for elected Directors must reside within the boundary of the City of Harrisonburg, or Rockingham or Page County (includes incorporated town(s) within the Counties) which such candidates shall represent upon election.  Two Directors shall be elected to represent all the citizens within the City and each County, which includes incorporated towns within the Counties.

Persons who wish to file as candidates for the office of Director must fully complete and file the requisite nominating petition, statement of qualification, and declaration of candidacy with the general registrar of the City or County where the candidate resides by 7:00 p.m. on June 20, 2023.

For further information contact your local registrar’s office, visit the Virginia State Board of Elections website at http://elections.virginia.gov, or contact the Shenandoah Valley Soil & Water Conservation District office:




(540) 534-3105 OR 1-800-528-3276


The Shenandoah Valley Soil & Water Conservation District’s Mission is to Promote Stewardship and Conservation of our Natural Resources

The Shenandoah Valley Soil and Water Conservation District was founded in 1940 and is one of the 47 Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. The Shenandoah Valley Soil and Water Conservation District serves Rockingham and Page counties as well as the city of Harrisonburg. There are a variety of conservation programs available to farmers, businesses, and landowners.

These conservation programs provide both technical and financial assistance for the installation of best management practices that can have a direct benefit to soil, water, air, plant, and animal resources as well as to you and your production. Funding is provided by local, state, and federal sources. Conservation programs are carried out by district staff and are governed by the Board of Directors. There are monthly board meetings that are open to the public.

What’s New??

Reducing Input Costs with Cover Crops

Sustainable Chesapeake and Virginia Soil Health Coalition Partners are pleased to announce the release of four videos focused on how cover crops (a high priority conservation practice for Chesapeake Bay restoration) can save farmers money by improving yields, reducing input costs, improving drought resilience, and preventing weeds.  Cover crops are an integral approach for improved soil health and water quality. Soil health is defined as the continued capacity of soil to function as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans.

Click on the links below to access these informational videos:

Virginia Home Grown Episode on Flood Control Dams

Megen Dalton, SVSWCD District Manager and Cory Guilliams, NRCS District Conservationist were recently featured on the June 28, 2022 televised segment of “Virginia Home Grown” that was aired on PBS.  Click on this link to watch the full episode.

VA Dept. of Tax 2021 Updates

Producers interested in claiming credits with the Virginia Department of Taxation on their 2021 tax returns (or beyond) should watch this YouTube video prepared by the Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR.)

2022 Winter Cover Crop Beds

About our Cover Crop Beds: The SVSWCD has sixteen demonstration beds located in front of our office.  These beds are planted in the Fall and then again in the Spring to allow producers and other constituents that visit our office the opportunity to see various cover crops and other vegetation.  The beds have been planted in various cover crop mixes, peanuts, tomatoes, sunflowers and much more. Sunny Ridge Seed has donated seeds for the past several years and a Pure Water Forum grant provided funds for the initial bed installation. To learn more about cover crops, follow this link.

Programs, Grants and Other Opportunities!!


Interesting Articles & Videos:

“Past, Present and Future of Conservation Districts” Video

Watch this short 10 minute video about Conservation Districts and what we do!

“Backyard Environmental Education”

Check out this article.. It’s great for young students who are passionate about learning more about our environment!

Hammond Bennett Documentary

Watch the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) documentary on soil conservation pioneer Hugh Hammond Bennett, the history of our agency and the birth of the private lands conservation movement in the U.S.


Want to learn more about the District will be doing over the next few years? Read our Strategic Plan. Also – check out the July 2021-June 2022 Annual Report to get an overview of what the Shenandoah Valley Soil & Water Conservation District did last year!