Manure Injection…

A great way to increase available Nitrogen!

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What is Manure Injection???

Placing manure directly into the soil root zone increases nutrient recovery leading to a reduction in commercial fertilizer costs, reduced crop damage and application costs.

See the equipment in action here.


Did you Know? Your local Soil & Water Conservation District offers Cost Share or Tax Credit for manure injection.

  • Cost Share: $45/acre reimbursement
  • Tax Credit: If cost share is not taken, a state tax credit of 25% of out-of-pocket expenses is available
  • Updating your Nutrient Management Plan to reflect manure injection application is required
    • Interested participants are encouraged to contact their NMP planner ASAP regarding updates
  • No-till planting methods are required on all fields receiving manure injection application
  • Participant must provide an invoice that indicates acreage injected, application rates and type of equipment used
  • Requires sign up before injection occurs


Why inject dairy slurry?

  • Doubles the plant available Nitrogen from slurry compared to broadcast application
    • 114 lbs available N injected vs. 50.4 lbs available N broadcast (6Kgal application rate)
    • At 2023 Nitrogen prices, that is nearly a $50/ac. fertilizer cost savings! (~$0.80 x 64lbs)
  • Increases availability of P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Zn by placing nutrients in the root zone
  • Meets no-till criteria by maintaining soil structure
  • Injected manure and starter at planting minimizes crop damage
  • Reduction in odors
  • Returns effective carbon to soil, enhancing soil health
  • Better on-farm nutrient balance, reduce purchased inputs
  • Potentially eliminates the need for sidedress Nitrogen

“The Numbers” of Manure Injection


Injection in Action

The Shenandoah Valley SWCD does not endorse recommend any specific type or brand of equipment.  These videos are share for informational purposes only.

Check out this informative YouTube video to learn more about this innovative manure application method being used in the Shenandoah Valley… Learn more about Manure Injection and the benefits and challenges.

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