District Manager

Megen Dalton

(540) 433-2853 ext. 119

Megen Dalton joined the SVSWCD team as a Conservation Technician in October 1999.  In 2008 Megan became the District Manager.  Her responsibilities include general oversight of all Conservation District Programs as well as the oversight of the five Conservation District staff members.

Conservation Technician

Elizabeth Dellinger

(540) 433-2853 ext. 101

Elizabeth joined the SVSWCD in May 2012 as the Administrative Coordinator. After serving the District for 2 years, Elizabeth’s duties were modified to include technical responsibilities related to agricultural BMP implementation.  She now serves the District as a Conservation Technician and Operations Leader and is responsible for the implementation of the Agricultural BMP Cost Share Program as well as managing the District’s finances.

District Assistant

Amanda Wimer

(540) 433-2853 ext. 120

Amanda joined the SVSWCD in September 2017 as a part time District Assistant. She provides administrative assistance to the District.

Residential Conservation Technician/Education Assistant

Megan Croushorn

(540) 433-2853 ext. 121

Megan Croushorn joined the team as the District’s Residential Technician and Educational Assistant in September 2016.  Her responsibilities include overseeing the District’s Rockingham County Septic Program, assisting with outreach and educational activities and helping implement the District’s Educational programs.  Prior to joining the SVSWCD team she worked at the District as a contractual employee assisting with a large variety of duties.  Megan was an intern at the SVSWCD office for two semesters during her senior year of college.

Administrative Coordinator/Education & Program Support Technician

Emily Riggleman

(540) 433-2853 ext. 126

Emily Riggleman began her career with the SVSWCD in February 2016 as the Administrative Coordinator.  Her responsibilities include the duties of the Administrative Coordinator, overseeing the Linville Creek TMDL program, and assisting with educational activities and programs.  After graduating college, Emily was a volunteer with the SVSWCD for 4 months.

Conservation and Dam Management Technician

Keith Thomas

(540) 433-2853 ext. 130

Keith Thomas joined the team as a Conservation Technician and Dam Management Technician in September 2016. He works closely with other technical staff to implement the District’s Cost Share program.  He also oversees and implements the VCAP program which provides financial assistance with the installation of select urban BMPs.  In addition, Keith assists with the duties and responsibilities associated with maintenance of the SVSWCD’s eight dams.  Following his graduation from college, Keith served as a volunteer for 7 months at the SVSWCD.