*The 2024 Whip Cutting Sale is closed.*

Whip Cutting Sale

The Shenandoah Valley SWCD typically has three species of plant materials available for stream bank restoration projects: Bankers dwarf willow, StreamCo willow, and red osier dogwood.

Whip Cuttings Species Fact Sheet


Stream Restoration with Whips

Planting cuttings along an unvegetated stream bank is a bio-engineering practice that helps stabilize eroding stream banks.  It also promotes a healthier terrestrial and aquatic habitat than traditional stream-bank restoration measures.  For optimum survival, rooting, and re-growth potential, the cuttings should be planted in early spring.

The willow species will grow to between 10-15 feet tall. During floods, the cuttings will lie down, allowing the water to flow over them while their roots anchor soil and protect the stream bank.  Cuttings are provided as 2- to 5-foot whips.  You will need to prepare the cuttings for planting by cutting each one into smaller, plantable stakes.  Note that one whip will yield approximately three plantable stakes.

How to Prepare and Plant Stream-bank Cuttings

For more information, contact the District at (540) 534-3055.